Looking for a good pairing for Paradigm Tribute, integrated options.

I'm stuck at around a sub 4k budget lesser the better but if I can justify the price can go all in or maybe a touch higher. 

Here's a few integrated options I've considered so far: 

Yamaha AS-2100 @ $2200 (at a large discount) 
Vincent Audio SV-237 MKII @ $2500  
Kinki Studio's EX-M1+  @ $2800
Vincent Audio SA-31MK Pre with SP-332 @ $3800
SimAudio Moon 340iX @ $3800 
Pathos Logos MKII @ $4000  (Seems this one didn't get a very good review from 6 moons though)
Anthem STR Integrated @ $4500
Primaluna EVO 400 @ $4500 

I have considered a tube amp but I feel a quality unit can be had in both solid state and tube. 

This is a tough list but would like to get a little feedback and hopefully move onto a choice to get my new towers singing.

The towers have a 90-93db sensitivity but with the 4 driver and 1 Be tweeter array I've got the gut feeling id like over 100 watts. I tend to like a bit more hard and heavy music genres but can appreciate extremely good recordings as well.