Looking for a GOOD integrated tube amp restorer.

I have a very nice looking Bogan DB230A integrated that was my uncles. It has not been powered up in decades. I would like to have it gone through so I can use it on my vintage Klipsh-Horns.Anyone have suggestions on where to send it. I am in Wichita KS. 67203  Thanks, Allen. 
I had Audio Classics update my vintage tube tuner/preamp, they work on lots of brands, perhaps write them with questions, then call if you like their response. I dealt with Ryan there.


aside from a resistor here, alignment there, the best thing they did for me was replace all the old corroded rca jacks with new gold plated ones.

waiting for more articles, i have read a lot of information about it but still not enough, red ball

send me a message  I can do whatever you want to any component  we build our own reference components also.


I am in New Jersey.