I'd recently bought an OPPO BDP-93 player and I would appreciate an HDMI cable recommendation. I use HDMI for both audio and video. Someone recommended a LAT International cable.
Excellent at any price:

By the way, this is the only cable made and tested entirely in the Great U.S.A. with american made wire and components.
Merry Christmas!
Go to Monoprice, great sound, great value. Don't fall for the high priced stuff.
Are you guys saying that the low price HDMI cable sounds the same as a $150 cable?
558....try the low price product and compare to the $150 to determine if there is indeed a difference and please report back what you learn.
That is a very good question. It was my understanding that the HDMI configuration mostly eliminates the issue of jitter that seems to be a problem with coaxial and optical digital transmission. If that is the case, how could exotic materials or connectors make that much difference, especially if dealing with one meter lengths? But what do I know?
Look at the AudioQuest line. They offer a good quality cable at a good price, I am currently using a 5m length of Cinnimon. Also I have had good luck with Tributaries 9 Series. So may argue that a 10.00 cable provides the same results as a 100.00 cable and they may be right. But you may want to invest more as I did for personnal reasons.
I compared generic HDMI to Phillips $35 HDMI and the Phillips was clearly superiour with brighter colors and better contrast.

I think it would be worth the time to buy a few and see for yourself, you may find a cheaper brand is very good or find it is worth extra to spend $150 etc. you can always return the ones you do not want.
From entry level up to top of the line, AudioQuest has about 10 diff HDMI models, if you guys think HDMI cables are no diff from 1 to another, that means the engineering and the marketing folks just meeting up with donuts and coffee randomly pricing out their hdmi cables w/o going thru any critical design?
Nasaman I think you hit the nail on the head.
I recently bought one from Signal Cables and am very happy with it. I think it was around $40. I have had problems with ultra cheap HDMI cables. They are not all made the same, but you don't need to spend a bucket load to get great quality.
Wireworld Starlight - good $
Audioquest HDMI 3 - better $$
Wireworld Silver Starlight 5.2 or 6 - best $$$
Hey Xxmarkxx, I ordered two 1M Wireworld Silver Starlight 5.2 HDMI cables from Ebay for $200 including shipping. I never heard of them but decided to give them a try since I read good reviews.
15$ / 7 foot from Fry's performs as well as the 35$ cable from BlueJeans which performs as well as the 10$ cable from a no-name store.

As long as the bandwidth is there, you'll never see the diff.

A little spritz of DeOxit on a annual basis is all for the best.
I replaced a cheap Best Buy HDMI with a Pangia HDMI early this year and did see a noticeable improvement in picture quality. Several weeks later I attached amethyst crystals at the power panel circuit breaker for the TV and audio gear. Seven days later that made a HUGE difference. Still does.
My OPPO came with a really nice heavy duty HDMI cable.
What is amethyst cristals?