Looking for a good full range floor stander

Hello all.  Making a good two way system for a 20 x 40x 12 high room budget 12k to 16 k.  Powered by a bryston 14b cubed amp.  Have a surround system with Golden ear ref and surrounds powered by parasound a21 for mains  and Carver cinema grand for surrounds. Like the GEs  The speakers I'm looking for will be for music only lots of jazz (female vocalist a fav), classical, classic rock and roll (70's and up).  I have heard good things about proac k6, Joseph audio, and a few others but am not within 4 hours of audition range.  Real interested in people in the know about the proac or suggestions.  Thanks in advance.
I have a set of proac D48r which I love. They replaced a set of Magnepan 1.6.  The Maggie’s were amazing in there own right, but the d48r seem more musical to me, and they run extremely well with a smaller amplifier, in my case an ARC REF75se.  The proac have amazing detail without sounding analytical and are just an amazing speaker to listen to all types of genres.  I’m extremely happy with them. Only thing I wish is that I had more free time to enjoy them. 
<<We tend to favor the bigger companies for one reason which is not price but ultimate performance tends to be with these companies, which have the raw engineering talent and budget to push the boundaries of sound.>>
There you have it - from the horse's mouth.
Legacy-Audio Focus.
Infinity Kappa 9.

Pretty sure your 14B are the 7B’s in one unit, I believe you can drive the Kappa 9’s but, I would make sure the 14B is stable down to 2-ohms.

I currently own both and they can deliver some serious spl.
I reread and you are shopping in the $12-16k range. My first listen would be the Vienna acoustics ‘the music’ your rooms big enough to handle the bass from the 3 9” woofers per box.