Looking for a good entry level streamer

Right now I have two streamers on my list

  • ALLO DigiOne Signature for Raspberry Pi
  • Bluesound Node 2
I am going to use coax to connect my DAC to it
canibefrank do you have the TEAC NT-505? It looks very nice un paper but I can’t find a single review.
anyone using the Innuos Zen Mini III?? I'm interested in that piece and currently use a one box Oppo Sonica Dac-Streamer
My budget is around $2K for a DAC parring with a Primaluna integrated and Tekton Design DI.

The answer would reflect on a couple of things: Your current set up and your budget.
I am using the Bryston BDP3.  The sound has a lot more oomph than the Node2, with a much better defined mid range and solid base.  It costs a lot more than the Node2.
Maybe I should set the scene. I am starting to build a Stereo system.
I have a good surround system.
  • Marantz AV8805 
  • 2 x Emotiva XPA-5 gen 2.
Very good speakers.

The DAC and streamer in my Marantz is not bad at all, better than the Bluesound Node 2. I have compared my AV8805 with the bluesound and a Chord Qutest.

The Dac in the Bluesound is thin sounding and the stereo perspektiv is flat compared to the AV8805.

The bluesound as a streamer with Qutest as the DAC is better then the AV8805, nor much but I hate to say it (: more analog.

So I guess the headline for this thread is wrong. Middle class streamer. 
Yes, the DAC in the Bluesound is respectful but I’m sure using the DAC in your Marantz SA 8004 is better. For the money the Bluesound is a great streamer but best to use another DAC if in the budget allows.
OK Bluesound is the only streamer I've used. It is good.
I am finding my Marantz SA 8004 sounds a bit better than my Bluesound Node 2 (for what it is worth). Easier too!   
Another vote for Bluesound Node 2. 
+1 on the Bluesound Node. Any Version