Looking for a good compact cd/stereo receiver for my wife...

This would be going on a shelf in her office, where space is limited.. i have a pair of Micca mb42x Speakers she can use. Bluetooth isn’t necessary but I’d love it to have a sub output. I can’t imagine not having a sub. Anyone have any suggestions? In Googling it i found a lot of Aiwa systems. But I’m hoping we can get better than that
You told us what you think should included.  What does your wife want?
Mine wouldn’t care a fig, especially if it’s for background listening while she tries to work
Research Denon mini systems.

Current models seem to be on backorder in the USA and they run around $500, or so, with speakers.

Denon as well as the Yamaha Piano Black mini's were the "go to" in the 90's and Denon has continued on with the line.

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What about the McIntosh lifestyle system?  It’s expensive but better than the cheap Aiwa and others like it.  
Also TEAC and Marantz.
Stay away from Aiwa.
I had a compact Denon system in my garage that sounded great (for what it was).  Had a built in CD player, a tuner, and an aux so you could add more gear.  It finally petered out on me after about 10 years of being in the SC heat.
I bought a compact Yamaha system for my wife's office.  It also sounds good and is the same setup as the Denon.  Her remote stopped working though so I'm trying to hunt down another one.  Other than that it's been great for many years now.  Part of their Piano Craft lineup.
Thank you, I'm still looking so ill check it out!