looking for a good bass tube preamp

Hello all,

I am looking for a tube preamp with good bass reproduction. My power amp is Krell KSA250 and budget is about $1000. Any suggestion? Thanks!
Is my budget too low?
Used Joule-Electra preamps. Best bass around - read Harry Pearson of TAS review on their web site.

Audio electronics ae-3 mkII
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hey bob, so with an input impedance of 20k on the power amp.... you're saying 2k output impedance is the highest acceptable output for the preamp?
My power amp input impedance is 47k, so the output impedance of preamp should be 4.7k or less. Am I right? Thanks!
Toebi yes with a 47k input imp u can go 4700 ohms output imp worst case on the pre. The lower the output imp on the pre the better.
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