Looking for a gadget

I am looking for something to connect a Toslink digital out to a coax (RCA plug)digital in so I can connect to a dac that only accepts an rca plug digital in. I really don't want to get an MSB Digital Director as this is an isolated case and only involves one connection. I know I saw something that did let you connect a toslink to a coax cable. Anyone know where I can find one of these things?
Someone apparently makes a transceiver adapter as these two interfaces aren't directly compatible. Toslink is a fiber optical connection; RCA is an electrical coaxial connection. Perhaps one of your two devices could be retrofitted; if so I'd choose the coaxial route as that is the better interface of the two.
How much would a tech charge to remove the toslink and replace it with an RCA interface? It is basically labor, the parts are peanuts. $40 to $60 ???
Fostex makes such a device. I put one on my Dad's system. It cost less than $100. I found it at Mars Music in Atlanta. Check the Fostex website... Also, try an Audio Alchemy DTI (Digital Transmission Interface). You'll have to find that on the used market. (Note: This will strip out DD 5.1 info)
There is a reasonably priced "gadget"that does this. However I can't recall who makes it. I read about it on the "AVS" forum/ but can't find the thread. Then there is the Audio Alchemy DST; a powered device(wall-wart)that allows coax into toslinc. BTW: I posted a "wanted to buy" on this--no replys. When I had AA stuff I had 2 of them. Sold one and "gave" one away to a friend a couple of years back. BTW, this "DST" was a pretty good dig. cable.$159.00 new.
The Monarchy DIP will convert toslink to coax or "balanced" digital output. Also reclocks and reduces jitter. Does what you want AND improves the performance of your digital front end.

Hey-- Thanks Reubent;I was unaware the "Dip" performed this function.

If you are up to a little "tinkering" with a soldering iron, a couple of dollars of parts and an hour or two you can try a simple coversion which should give you what you want. Email me if you require further info, regards, Richard.

There are such devices that are available from pro audio dealers and I don't think they are expensive. However, a used AA DTI or Monarchy DIP would probably be a better choice since they will also reduce jitter. The boxes the pro audio dealers sell will probably not reduce jitter.
Thanks to all for the replies.
I've used a THETA TLC for this situation. They're $200.00
new with a wall wart supply & are $100.00 used.