Looking for a few suggestions...

I have a VPI TNT, Jr that I upgraded abvout a year ago:

* Replaced the stock platter with the Super Platter
* Added the periphery ring clamp
* Added the SDS
* Replaced stock SAMA motor with the 300 rpm motor upgrade
* Gingko Cloud 11 Jumbo to place under the TNT
* Black Diamond Racing “The Clamp” for VPI Superplatter to replace the VPI Delrin and Stainless stock clamp
* Upgraded from a Clearaudio Gamma to a Stradivari

I am looking at the VPI - Single Motor Flywheel to replace my SAMA, as the cutout in my plinth is a semi-circle. My problem: I am out of room on the Gingko Jumbo 11. Any thoughts on a solution - I do like the Gingko/TNT combination.