Looking for a feature-rich 2-channel integrated that can drive 2-ohm loads

Have a Denon AVR-X3000 re-purposed for 2-channel music listening and looking to upgrade into a 2-channel integrated to:
  • Drive 2-ohm loads (electrostats)
  • A/B A+B output (for demo'ing)
  • Sub pre-out(s)
  • Typical inputs plus...
  • Phono input (MM is fine)
  • DAC for...
  • Bluetooth AptX (for Prime Music from tablet)
  • Wifi (for NAS FLAC library and Tidal streaming)
  • USB would be nice too (never have enough connectivity)
  • Prefer full 17-1/8" component size
  • On-screen menu (HDMI output)
  • Would be great if it had some room correction mic/software 
The closest I'm finding is NAD C368 or C388 with MDC DD-BluOS card added (for wifi), nothing fits the bill from Yamaha, Denon or Marantz. Those MDC cards are expensive, and don't think room correction/mic software is included.

After reading this list, seems I'm basically looking for a Denon/Marantz AVR stripped of surround channels and beefed-up to push 2-ohm loads. And why don't they make that - especially Marantz?

Amazing how fast one can become accustomed to a feature set (Denon), then you go looking for one change (push 2-ohms) and realize almost no-one (except sister Marantz) has caught up with them on usability/connectivity/features.
Maybe they figure for the price of NAD C388 with a couple expansion modules (BluOS and HDM-1 or 2) you could just buy the AVR-X8500H flagship and that probably solves the 2-ohm problem too - especially if you're only running 2 of 13 channels. With that many channels you could probably bi-amp A+B and run different sources in two other rooms at the same time.

Is there any other model (old or new) to consider that checks all the boxes?

What's really outrageous about that is you could probably also run separate video streams to those other rooms too.

Please help, think I just sold myself an X8500 - and I don't need 75% of what it can do.
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I had ruled-out Yamaha, because their A-S line (rated to 2-ohms) has no featureset - they are very basic old-school and lacking connectivity in all modern regards.

However, Yamaha does offer some feature-rich 2-channel receivers (that won't drive 2-ohm loads), like the R-N803 - it almost fits the bill.

Some have suggested to go separates, and that would be great. Maybe someone could recommend a combo of separates in the $3,200 price range (price of new Denon AVR-X8500H on walmart.com) that fulfills the requirements?  
MartinLogan electrostatic speakers are only 2ohm in the upper treble, they are usually around 6ohm elsewhere. 2ohm in the treble is not a difficult load, even the Denon can handle it.

The quality of the wattage of the 8500 is likely the same, it does use a higher quality DAC though.
This may be of interest: https://www.anthemav.com/products-current/model=str-integrated-amplifier/page=specs It fulfills many of your requirements. Finding one component, that checks all the rest of your boxes, yet handles a two Ohm load(faithfully/with enough juice), may be challenging.
These integrated amps lack the feature set of your AVR for a reason:  they degrade the sound.  
Check out Parasound integrated quality at a reasonable price and lots of features.
Most ESLs have a low impedance at high frequencies. But even tube amps that might not seem comfortable on such a low impedance can do just fine- you have no reason to worry- nearly any solid state integrated amp will be able to drive the speakers at the very high frequency where this impedance occurs. The reason is that there simply isn't that much energy up high.

You may actually run into an issue where the combination is too bright!
Following-up. I did go with NAD C-388 and added BluOS2i MDC module. Getting it all setup is a chore (compared to Denon), but once all the firmware is upgraded, and settings sorted-out, it works very well driving electrostats. It even works ok with Amazon Music,Tidal native MQA unfolding and Alexa voice control. Seems like the more robust power makes all speakers sound better; although, I have no way to A-B with Denon X3000. For me it was a good purchase.