looking for a dvd transport

I am looking for a dvd transport to run double duty as a cd transport in my system. I have a budget of $1000-$1500 used. Video quality is not a priority nor is progressive scan. My main interest lies in the quality of the player as a 2 channel transport. I am also looking for something with a balanced digital output.

My current set up includes:

proceed avp
jeff rowland 112
audio refinement multi 3
sonus faber electa amator
acoustic zen silver reference cables

DVD players have a horrible reputation as used for cd transports, and I wouldn't dispute that reputation from my personal experience. Even the flagship players from Sony and Pioneer, ect., are lacking in terms of what comes out of their pcm outs. If 2ch music is what's really important to you, buy a dedicated 2ch cd transport. I would spend a grand or so on a cd transport and put $200 in a cheap sony dvd/sacd player, or I suppose buy a dvd player with redbook performance that you can live with could be an option.
The true high fidelity combo player is here! A week ago, I purchased a Philips DVD963SA SACD/DVD/CD PLAYER from Music Direct for $499.
I purchased it with the intent to just use it for DVD movies... and, at the same time to try SACD for the first time. I really had no idea of it replacing my current $2200 CD player. But, it has!
I have listened to one Redbook CD after another, and I am amazed at the capabilities of this player... and it's not broken in good yet... only about 80 hours.
Seeing how good it is on CD's, I ordered and just received 10 SACD's. But, I've been so entharalled at listening to CD's and now SACD's that I have not ever played a movie DVD, which is what Music Direct was touting it for.
To really make this player sing... as well as any other player... you must sit it on brass cones, with brass weights on top, and use a good power cord... and, I just happened to find a very good power cord being sold on Audiogon... pdsWattgate from Dedicated Audio... $159.
I bought it with a money back guarantee, but I will not be returning this one. It blew away my other 2 high end power cords! Excellent construction... and more excellent sound! And, this company is people oriented... great customer service!
I'm telling you, these two high end products are a very good addition to my $12,000 system. I can't remember finding a bargain that sounds this good ever before!
If you purchase either one, I wish you would let me know what you think about them... and let others know. You don't have to pay a fortune to have good sound. Look and listen!
Skooks: what $2200 player are you comparing the Philips to?
The Theta DaViD is very good as a cd transport. I use one with a proceed AVP. Replaced a Data basic 2, simplified my system and have better sound. Can be had at or near your price range.
For great bang/$, look for a DVD player modified specifically as a transport by Dan Wright, Stan Warren, or Ric Schulz (EVS). I got one of the EVS-modified ones - a Pioneer 414, certainly an unspectacular stock machine, BUT hugely improved for a couple hundred dollars of parts and labor. This is the best companion for my highly tweaked Perpetual p1a/p3a/Monolithic DAC that I have yet tried.

Various flavors of modified player do wind up on Audiogon - seize one when you can. Not only is the price discounted, but you'll have something much faster than you would if you sent in your player for modification....these guys are all overloaded, and return is slooooooow.

Incidentally, Socrates: if you're an opera buff (I am), a DVD-playing option in your high-end source is....well...not optional. 8-)