Looking for a DSD/PCM DAC that can do 110 and 220V

Will be moving abroad in 2014, so need a DAC that will work with 220V without having to get a tech to modify it.

In a budget of $6000 new or used. Does such a DAC exist ?
My shortlist so far is :

Wavelength Cosecant (Can do 220V but cannot do DSD).
Esoteric K-03 (Can do 220V without need of tech, but no DSD).

I need some more contenders. Please help.

Looking into it. Thanks for the info.
I believe the Resonessence Mirus can do 110/220 volts and does DSD and PCM beautifully. I considered this DAC very carefully and auditioned it for a week and thought it was one of the best I have heard. It also has an SD card reader on it so you can load music onto a 128G SD card, slide into the slot and avoid all digital jitter from a transport or a USB cable. It is definitely in your price range. The designers of the Sabre DAC chips decided they know their chip better than anyone else and built this DAC to prove it.
My red wine amp can be plugged into either 220 or 110. You just switch the power cord. I imagine the red wine dac is the same. Also note that the wattage of dacs is very low so if you went with 220 a small converter would work. I live abroad and enerything i have is 220 and i havent had problems. But my gear is a much lower price point than yours.
Thanks hifimaniac.

I have never heard of this DAC. Will look more into it.

I will also look at the red wine DAC. Am happy to find that there are DACs out there that can do 220V and DSD, was getting a bit disappointed about it

Thanks again guys.

I really wish Luxman D-06 did 220V. It would solve all my problems.