Looking for a digital front end...

I'm trying to find an inexpensive (under $1K) digital front end for GMA 1.5 speakers and a Rogue Tempest Magnum integrated amp. I'll probably upgrade in the future, but for now, I'm trying to go as inexpensive as possible. I like smooth, detailed sound, with good pace, slam and bass. I listen to jazz, heavy metal, rock, funk, trip-hop, electronic, bluegrass... you get the picture. I'm intrigued by the Jolida 100 and the Tjoeb, but don't know if they are what I'm looking for. Any thoughts & suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I own a Cal Audio CL-15 and have been very pleased with it's performance. You can pick one up used here on Audiogon for about $650. It has a variable output so that you can plug it directly into the amp. I found that to be useful when I was in the process of upgrading my pre-amp.
I have a Cal Audio DX2 that I picked up really cheap, here on Audiogon. For the money, it has been on of the better cd players that I have owned. I have run it directly through one of my old HH Scott 299 integrated tube amps, and used the digital out through my MSB link III dacs and into the amp. It is a very warm and quiet player.
It is also hard to beat the Music Hall cd25. I have one of those running through an old Dynaco Pas2 into a couple of Dynaco Mk3 monoblocks.
Both are hard to beat, for the money, and pretty easy to find here on the 'Gon, and very easy to sell once you decide to upgrade.
Just my 2cents worth.
I second the Music Hall CD25, also known as the Shanling CD-S100.
Pure Class A with Balance and RCA outputs, 33 lbs of the best cdp for $900/$975 ,Variable outputs , no pre-amp needed just plug it in your Amp.Volume control on remote. Ive tested it side by side with Mark Levinson 39 , Levinson 10% better but check out the $3000 used price tag. Voice same on both players mids and high same on both players more bass extension on the Levinson, but the Sony is no
sleeper either. Do yourself a big favour, you have nothing to lose. As you could sell it back on audiogon in less than a week. I still have mine,( not for sale) I'm now looking to spend $3000/$5000 to better it.
Proy, I'm not sure which cd player you're referring to.
Theta Miles. "detailed sound, with good pace, slam and bass." That's what Theta is known for.
The Sony XA7ES ,I also tested the Miles @ the same time and it's not even close, sorry.The Miles was never a Class A component but a Class K. It may have the name but doesn't have the built quality of class A or the sound that the XA7ES can deliver.This is the Stereohile write-up Quote
" TJN was quite taken by this player because it continued to sound better the more I listen to it. It's not perfect ( comparing to Linn $20K Levinson 39 $6K ) but its strenghs--a smooth, sweet detailed sound with natural warmth and a fine,palable presentce-- makesuch a strong statement that searching for flaws is a lot of work with little return, well built too, and asserted, and "the equal of any player--seperates or one piece units at any price Vol 19 No 11,
Vol 20Nos.1&7, .
How about a used dac/transport/ic combo? There's a lot of Theta stuff available on here. Any thoughts on this?
By the way, I have a Toshiba DVD player I might be able to use as a transport, but I'm not sure how well that would work.
Would a Bel Canto DAC2 used with my DVD player work with my system/tastes?