Looking for a desktop power amp

I have a *small* desk at home that I am outfitting with a good quality DAC (Benchmark DAC-1 USB ~$700 CAD) that supports a preamp output and new pair of 100W Energy CB-5 bookshelf speakers (~$400 CAD).

Any suggestions for a small footprint power amp that would be less than $400 and ideally more like <=$200 that won't let the system down? I don't even need a preamp but it seems only the full size boxes come as pure power amps.

Note: I have a derent pair of headphones so please don't freak out that I'm connecting the DAC-1 to CB-5s.
I had the Parasound A23 with Benchmark DAC1 and KEF LS50s on a desktop setup. The Parasound is a warm sound and it was OK. I have not heard the new Parasound zampV3 but it is $300 and supposed to be pretty good.


Being in Canada have you looked for some used NAD Class D amps?

I would say that the DAC1 is the weakest link in your setup. I think you can do a lot better for less money. It is a fatiguing sound.

You should consider a Peachtree NOVA 150 Integrated. I just sold mine on A’gon for $800 (I think). It has a built-in DAC, amp, and preamp, just add speakers (made in Canada). I enjoyed it more than the Parasound + Benchmark DAC1 + LS50 combo.

If you can swing it the the Benchmark DAC2 HGC is very similar to the DAC3 HGC. I owned both before. The DAC2 HGC comes up for sale on USAudiomart and here. It is so much better than the DAC1.

BTW - the headphone amp on the Peachtree NOVA was passable. It was not anywhere near the quality of the Benchmark HPA4 that replaced it but it was pretty good for an integrated amp. I was testing this with the Meze Empy headphones.
The Optoma NuForce STA-120 may fit the bill.  The Topping MX3 is tiny and might be enough.  Incidentally, there’s a used pair of Silverline Minuet speakers available on US Audio Mart that should sell for around $400 CAD that would be worth looking into.  Great speakers and not hard to drive.  Best of luck. 
Really like the NAD integrateds.  Use a very cool hybrid Class D. :)
I went with Project Audio's S2 amp and preamp because like you I had limited desk space. Project's S2 boxes, which stack, have very small footprint.