Looking for a decent CD Recorder

Any ideas on a half way decent cd recorder so I can listen to my lps in the car?
I would skip the CD recorder. CD recorders are becoming legacy units.

Would suggest you buy a tascam flash recorder. Record to an SD card, then transfer the files to a PC where you can write them to a CDR.

If you are set on a CD recorder, two worthy of consideration are the Sony CDRW33 and CDRW66. Both are discontinued but you can pick them up on the used market. 
Agree with last post but that adds steps; I still record direct to CDR with an old Tascam CD recorder (.wav) when in a hurry. Otherwise I record to .mp3 with decent settings then to CDR on the computer and it works fine. Quality not much an issue for the car!
I have the TASCAM DA-3000 recorder, and I love it. Records Hi-Rez stereo files pretty much like a tape deck. The quality of recording is excellent in my system. You could then convert the files on your computer and burn to CD if you wish. But keep the hi-Rez files in case you ever want to listen to them in a more serious way. Recording from vinyl is time consuming, so might as well get a great recording while you are at it. 
If one is still going to burn a CD-R, the quality of the burner is nearly irrelevant. The Tascam unit or the one in your computer will both be just fine. I burn CD-Rs for commercial reproduction with a Plextor drive in my computer which I then test scan (with special software) for quality and I've have never had a reject.

What IS important is what one uses for a blank CD-R. The CD-Rs one buys in a stationary store or a big-box store or wherever, are often junk or nearly so. It's hit of miss. Pros and replicators have for many years often used Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs. Taiyo Yuden was the Japanese company that originally developed the CD-R. They later merged with part of JVC, but now no longer make CD-Rs, although one can still find Taiyo-Yuden branded CD-Rs for sale. Lately, CMC Pro has apparently taken up production of Taiyo Yuden quality CD-Rs. In any case, they are still MUCH better than what one will ordinarily buy off the shelf in a store.
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