Looking for a dealer ...

I'm looking for a dealer who has a generous in-home demo program. I don't have any local dealers and, oddly, most want nothing to do with sending out their demo unit (even with payment up front).
Look for a dealer to offer the in-home demo with something like a 10-15% restocking fee from retail prices if you do not buy and a 100% prepayment. Otherwise why would a dealer want to ship his gear all over the place and have people use (or abuse) the stuff for absolutely no profit? Great for the consumer, but what is in it for the dealer....you need to look at both sides of the coin here.
Raybeat AV. Ray is a great guy

Greg7 your request is a scary one. As TKP has stated the idea of getting demos for nothing and then presumably buying on the gon for less is what it sounds like you are trying to do.

It costs a fortune to run a business like this and dealers deserve to put food on their tables, we provide a service and deserve to make a profit.

If you want to get a good system find a dealer that you like that will guide you and create a partnership.

What is going to happen if the industry doesn't change is that there will be no dealers and only internet from companies where you drop it in the basket without the interactions of someone guiding you as to what will and will not sound good.

I am sure Crutchfield will make Thiels sound really good!

Give the industry a break go to a store and do what people did before the internet they bought locally!