Looking for a crystal clear / dynamic tube preamp

Dear fellow addicts:
I am on a search for a very crystal clear, ultra dynamic sounding tubed preamp in the $2k price range. Also, ideas on NOS tubes which would be most appropriate with the preamp are very welcome.
I do need a remote control, since I simply no longer find the strength to get off my butt, and crawl to my audio rack to adjust the volume each time I feel the need.
I reiterate the need for a crystal-clear presentation (as well as strong dynamics, and bass). A silver faceplate option is a huge plus.
My system is as follows... Von Schweikert VR5 speakers with the magnesium code woofers option($10K?), Pass Labs X250 power amp ($6K), Arcam CD33t CD player ($2.5k), cables by Verbatim (hand made by a genius by the name of Paul Garner, of Von Schweikert Audio.... ps. Thanks, Paul!)
I would be willing to stretch the budget, within reason for something truly, special....
Best regards.

A used Atma-Sphere MP-3 would be a great choice IME.
I am using a Joule Electra LA-100 MkIII (dual mono with dual volume controls and remote). They are available used in your price range. Jud Barber of Joule can supply you with a set of NOS tubes is you need them. The preamp is surprisingly quiet, very dymamic, and to me, defines very accurately how the music should sound. Unfortunately black acrylic faceplate only.

Supratek Syrah. Be sure to check whether it comes with a remote. Some do and some don't. It is certainly a contender at this price point (and beyond...)

Good luck.
Belles 21A. Check out the online reviews. Mullard CV4003 NOS for tubes.

Herron VTSP-1A/166! There's a few right now on Audiogon for right under $2,000.00. Fantastic pre-amp!

They're awesome pre's it replaced my Threshold and was not even a contest, gone is the cold, cold, sound of SS and in is the "smooth" sound of toobs.

I had the T-hold going into Manley's and already had toobs, but the BAT 3i made a huge difference.

Check out Altavistaaudio,Mike Elliot is very good,best of luck,Bob
Many great suggestios above. A few that you may want to consider is the ModWright tube preamp, H-Cat newer version and the ARC LS-25 MKII with the 6H tube. To me, the preamps like the ARC, BAT and I think Joule that use the 6H tubes are less tubish sounding, and lean more twoards SS that a tube sound which is what I am thinking you are looking for.

Happy Listening.
I second the Herron VTSP1A/166. I use one myself and I can't recommend it highly enough. It's neutral, dynamic, transparent, and musical. Also it's dead, dead quiet, a rarity for a tubed preamp.
Please correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the Herron VTSP 1 preamp didn't have a remote control option. I know the Atma-Sphere MP-3 (excellent though it is) does not. Pkale69 sounded fairly adamant that he had to have a remote.
For less than that amount you can get a superb used Rogue Magnum 99 tube preamp with remote and maybe even the optional phono card - it has all the qualities you're looking for. It comes with good RCA NOS tubes but if you replace the tubes with Telefunken, Amperex or Mullard you will have a really exceptional preamp.
A used Supratek Syrah/Chenin - I use a Syrah with my X-250.
If you can source one with the(psuedo)balanced output, even better.
The combo gives the best of ss & tubes.
The Herron VTSP1A does not have remote control. The new Herron VTSP2 does. The 2 just got a rave review from HP 2 issues ago in TAS. I've never heard it but I'm sure it's as good or better than the VTSP1.
Spaced out the remote control request, I was going to make another recommendation and then thought, hey, you can buy a used Atma-Sphere for that money. The MP-3 would have been a great option.
I think we would all agree. A world beater tube preamp with remote for about $2000. Wouldn't that be nice.
I good friend of mine had the ARC LS-25 MKII (granted with stock tubes). He claims it was “over-priced”. I never heard it. Too bad, I really like the ergonomics of the unit. Was your experience different? Meaning, the price tag was not out of line compared to the performance offered?
I have been told that the tubes used in the Magnum 99 were 6SN7 tubes, and those tubes were quite micro-phonic. Were those people wrong in their assessment?
I have been told that the tubes used in the Magnum 99 were 6SN7 tubes, and they were quite micro-phonic. Were those people wrong in their assessment?
Not sure where you got the impression I am looking for “A world beater tube preamp”. I am just looking for a “KISS ASS” tubed preamp... Oh my, can you say “ASS” on Audiogon? (BLUSH!) If so..., I’ve got a few others terms I would like run by my fellow audio-infected victims.
The ARC LS-25 was a relatively expensive preamp. At the new price I wasn't in love with the LS-25 but it is quite viable at the used price. The original LS-25 used 6922 tubes. The Mk II revision (2001) used 6H30s. So far, the 6H30 preamps I've heard haven't done it for me but I have not heard the new ARC Ref 3, The BAT VK-51SE or the Joule LA-150 so that opinion certainly isn't written in stone.
I tend to like tube preamps and amps that do not have much in the way of euphonic tubey colorations (some C-J and Cary products come to mind as too tubey) but still offer the dimensionality and "flesh" that the best tube gear provides. The preamps I've recommended strike a middle gound; not as SS sounding as some 6H30 designs but also not appreciably warmer and sweeter than life. You'll have to work out where that sonic line falls for you.
I would take a SF Line 3se or a BC 3 Despina Mk II in preference to either variant of the LS-25 but not by a huge margin. There is an upgrade path for the LS-25 through Great Northern Sound. Their Wadia mods are very good but I haven't heard the ARC mods.
Correction: the comment "KISS ASS" should have read "KICK ASS". Mia culpa.
Yes, the Magnum uses 6SN7 tubes. Not sure how microphonic they are compared to other tubes since my experience is limited. Certainly no more so than my current McIntosh c2200 preamp which uses 12AX7 tubes.
However, there was a noticeable improvement when I placed a Herbies Tube Dampers (@$12.) on each tube, and, used Walker SST on the tube pins which totally eliminated even the minimal tube hiss present - it became totally quiet. Made it even clearer sounding than it already was.