Looking for a compact speaker w/ some low end kick

I just let go of some very nice floor standing speakers that my wife hated. They were too big! I do not want anything really nice or expensive because I have a 6 and 9 year old that will eventually tackle them. I would like them to sound nice. I was thinking of The Totem Mani-2 (used) or similar. Has anyone heard the Neat Momentum 3i's? Yhose look like a Mani-2. Any suggestions would be helpful. I will get an integrated to match up the speakers later.
Check out NHT Classic 3
Dynaudio Audience 52SE - should be able to get a used set for $800 w/o stands. Although specs say they reach down to 45Hz right positioning will convince you they reach much lower.
Dynaudio Contour 1.3mkII.

No compact speaker I've heard can kick like a good bigger speaker, but these come pretty close and go amazingly low for their size.
Totem would be hard to beat for what you are looking for, but you'll need plenty of watts.
I've been happy with the bass performance of my ERA D5's. I also liked the totem rainmakers but I thought the low end was a bit better on the D5. If you have the bucks the Dynaudio C1 is a pretty ripping unit for such a small package.

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If you like the Totems try some Dynaudios. Dynaudio only sells non current production drivers to OEM manufacturers unless contracted to specifically make something just for a special product. Like the Dyn upgrade package in (I think one of the VW SUV's). Try something like the new excite 12 or 16's or maybe the contour 1.4's. I do own the C1's but they are pricey even used.
Very impressed with both Dynaudio C1's (amplification by Gamut) and the Totem Ones (Mani 2's are even more bass powerful, but I prefer the balance of the One). Both require a lot of good clean power. Few integrated's likely fit the bill.
Centuries ago I listened to a pair of Linn Sara speakers. I was most impressed with the meaty bass they produced. I have not heard the Mani-2s or the Neats, but they both use the isobaric double woofer design as did the Saras (Linn has a patent).
I had for a pair of Totem 1s, and enjoyed them immensely, a friend has them now. I would certainly consider them- and the well reviewed Neats. Isobaric may be your best solution.
Another thought- how big were the floor standers you just gave up? I have a pair of PMC FB1s (and my wife loves them) and they don't take up any more space than most of the speakers mentioned with stands.
Maybe you should look into one of the tiny Mark and Daniel speakers with the super long-throw woofers?
Go vintage! Dynaco A-25's are compact,sound very good and have all the bass you could want.
Omega Super Six Alnico's!!I had these for a couple of months while my Super 8 Alnico XRS were being made. Good highs, great mids, and some very solid bass. I almost kept them for my office system, but decided to send them back to Omega, my office was a little too small for them.