Looking for a certain type of blank cd

Currently I have a Sony RCD-500C cd/recorder and every now and then I like to record some analog to cd. According to the Sony manual,in order to record anything the cd has to say CD-R AUDIO on it , or the player will not recognize it and the display will say " Blank Cd ".

While I can find the cd-r audio cd's, I was wondering if anybody knows if they make a cd-r audio rewritable ?

Its the audio part that I guess is the important part.
I just checked Best Buy's web site and Radio Shack's. They both have blank audio CDRs.

Stand alone audio CD recorders cannot use a blank data CDR. That is by agreement with the RIAA; there is a royalty tax on the blank audio CDRs that data CDRs don't pay. The stand alone audio CD recorders can only use a blank CD that has been marked to show the royalty compliance.

I've also seen the blank audio CDRs at Office Max, Office Depot and other stores.
Walmart,Kmart,BestBuy,Target as well as those mentioned above all have CDR audio blanks.Take a few minutes researching on the internet and get the best price.

I saw some cdr disk at both Best Buy and Walmart, and I guess my question is that when the disk says cd-r music is that the same thing as cd-r audio .

Mofimadness suggestion might work and will have to order them online if I am unable to find anything local.
Yes,they are the same.
You do need "Music" cdr's. I have had great luck with TDK 80 minute "music" cdr's. Online, try "shop4tech.com" and they probably have anything you need. My machine is a Marantz CDR500, a pro model.
"Music" and "Audio" CD-Rs are exactly the same thing. The link I provided above, lists this spec if you scroll down the page:

"Compatible with the widest range of recording devices, including home audio CD recorders, which only record with authorization from a special data flag that's included on TDK Music CD RW"

That "special data flag" is the difference bewteen computer CD-Rs and music/audio CD-Rs...thanks to the RIAA.
Had similar problem with a pioneer unit. In my case I found that not all "music CD-R" blanks are the same. Some of the "off" brands I got from Wal-mart simply did not work. I switched to Memorex CD-R's, readily available at Best Buy, and have no problems since.