Looking for a cd source for my system.

I am looking for a cd player or separates to match the performance of my equipment. I am using Prodigy speakers with ML336 amp, and ML380s preamp. My cables will require upgading too and that is a question for another forum. Thank you all in advance.
I have heard that there is tremendous synergy between Levinson components. One of my friends is a levinson guy, and he remarked that adding just the levinson transport to the levinson DAC made a big difference. He's running the 360S dac, audio physic virgo's and tranparent reference cables.
The most versatile and the best-valued so-far in my list is Gamut CD1.
The Sony SCD-1 is a very nice unit.
There's a Levinson 39 cd player on sale in the classifieds right now for 3100. It is upgradeable too.
At this elevated level, listen first! As well as Levinson try Wadia and perhaps Krell. All are good, but you need to find "your" particular flavour.
I think anyone with your gear probably knows what they like when they hear it - trust your ears!