Looking for a Cd player/ transport.

I have a couple LG Blue Ray players outputting to a Topping d50 (Coax and/or Optical). The sound is a step above tolerable. Same songs run as FLACs thru JRiver to Topping with USB sound pretty good in comparison. Is it worth it to get a CD player/ transport $400 or under to play CDs that would out-play the JRiver Flacs? Any thoughts appreciated.

Just got the Cambridge Audio CXC transport, only early but very good so far.

Scoped the spdif output and from what I’ve seen on the net from Lampizator’s waveform shots, it has a very good output wave form 1vpp @1.5mHz

Cheers George
Thanks George, and very much worth checking out.
I believe a CD player or transport would be an improvement over the blueray players. Should equal the file playback.
You might consider the Onkyo 7030. Sells for under $180 new. Built like a tank. Has SPDIF output for use as a transport.
Thanks Mesch. Coincidently, that is what I dug up also. Probably give it a try.
Hope the 7030 works out for you. Let us know what you think of it. Seems like a great budget CD player. If looking to purchase a CD player I would also give it a try.

If you're not shy about buying used consider picking up what has become a cult following unit.


Michael Green

Thanks Michael, the link was definitely worth the read, though I might give the onkyo a try first. Not happy, I can return, then maybe get a bit more adventurous and consider used Mag.

Hope the Onkyo does well for you andrake. If you do end up going with a Maggie let me know.


Hi Michael & Mesch:
Got the Onkyo 7030 ($130) to pair with Topping d50 thru coax cable. This is a Very Nice combination. Compared to Flacs thru JRiver and USB to the Topping, right off more body, more there there, increased detail from lower mids on up, Harshness greatly reduced. Some vocals still somewhat recessed, but I think that's more a function of my setup. Anyway, a great price per pound combination. Listening to a Lot more CD's these days. Thanks for all our suggestions.  
Great that it worked out for you! The Onkyo is truly well built for it's price point. Have you tried it direct to your amp to know how it sounds as a stand alone player?