Looking for a CD player

I want a CD player that has the drive of my CA 640 and the smoothness of my Arcam 73 that costs no more than $1200 bucks.
Anyone know if such an animal exists?
I know exactly what you are asking. I had the 640 and I have an Arcam 33. Its really a tough call. For now, I would keep them both and alternate between the 2, and save up for something really good like an Ayre 7 or a Wadia 301/302. With a CD player like one of those, you'll not only combine the qualities of the 2 players you have now, you'll go up to another level entirely.
Good advice as usual Zd542 , but I'm 78, ain't saving up for anything, $1200 is it, thinking Marantz but haven't heard one in years.
78? You had me fooled. You post like 2 39 year olds.

What about a DAC? Both of your players have very good transports. There's a huge selection of DAC's in your price range, both new and used.
Good Idea, in my senility I forgot I have a Brit Beresford in the closet, try that for starters.
Zd, my Bresesford tc-7520 did just what I needed, improved the bass tonality and clarity on my Arcam quite a bit, PRAT improved some , things just about where I want them now, my system is 3Dish, almost holographic -tone and clarity fabulous -just tuned in to the max, my max anyway.
I truly had the feeling my Silverlines were going to start dancing playing some Count Basie just now,
Oh, I'm useing a Cardas Co-Ax ,is optical "spossed to be better?
Zd542, It's been a long time since I've cackled.
Look into an Arcam FMJ cd player, used.
You are correct in using the co-ax connection, and Cardas makes a fine digital cable...
Mik971...digital coax is a good choice no doubt but does depend on the source. I prefer the glass/quartz toslink if the source is video. Reason being to eliminate noise. I keep my audio and video power source and grounds separate.

I just wanted to add that should anyone else be viewing this thread. Yes, I realize the topic was cd player :)
Mental, I understand you concern but please... I answered the posters question as I should have, accurately. If you would like to elaborate on every posters questions, feel free. But please understand the poster is asking a specific question most of the time. If you are worried about missing info, then you should have discussed how toslink connections are good for longer runs also. But no, you didn't. Does this mean other people reading this are mislead since you didn't cover every aspect???