Looking for a CD/MP3 recorder to loop into my hogh end analog system

Hi there,

I do have what we can call a special high end dj set up. The system consist of 3 turntables, 2 Technics SL1200 (modified tone arms-RegaRB300/SME3009) and one 1 SL1100 (Stax tonearm) all connected to a Bozak Mixer which serves as a preamp in this case. I have looped into the mixer/preamp a frequency isolater and 5 band EQ but also for the main a BSS960 EQ 30 band.

the speakers for the booth are Klipsh Heressy’s which are powered with a MC275 McIntosh and the Main speakers are JBL 4430 powered by a solid state MC2500 McIntosh. I do have two gain volume on the mixer for booth and Main room. the question is that I need loop in a last pc of equipment which is a recorder! CD and MP3 would be amazing to have but I do not want to loop in something not as high end as the rest in order to maintain the sound quality. I have no options on the mixer for a Rec out so therefore need to loop in. I have been focusing on high end old analog product and the sound is definitely amazing. the question: what kind or brand would loop into my system?

if you are interested to see some pictures please let me know

thank you guys.


Hello Patxi05, MP3's / CD's are the worst sounding digital files.If I were you I would do some research on something that would last into the future like the Aurender X100L and partner it with a great DAC from who ever you like, preferably one that handles at least 24bit/192k DSD and...as long as the DAC you use has a USB audio input then your good from there out to your mixer (this should be a lot more cost effective than buying a expensive all-in one DAC/server/player). The Aurender and DAC together will have a definitive sound so get a good DAC and USB audio cable. You will be amazed at how good your sound will be and how easy it is to keep track of everything on a i Pad using the Aurender conductor app! 

Hi Matt,

thank you for the feedback. the aurender looks fantastic but would not work in my application. may be i have not explained myself correctly. In fact my issue is that as i have no rec out from my preamp, I have to loop in through RCA cable (only) the signal (the recorder device). so therefore i need to keep it as analog as possible so the signal going through the recorder is not modified too much. i would need a line in and out RCA! the question would be what recorder would be the best.

thank you!