Looking for a cable maker

I’m in need of cables for my Infinity Gamma servo controller. Schematics can be found on page 3 here http://infinity-classics.de/technik/manuals/IRS_Gamma_-_Delta_technical_sheet.pdf

looks like a 4 pin Neutrik. Is there someone here that can make them? Or can anyone point Me towards the materials I need to make them myself? I have basic soldering skills. 

Thanks in advance!
I would contact Patrick Cullen at Cullen Cables and see if he'll do it for you.  I know he was a little backed up with orders, but it doesn't hurt to check.  
I highly recommend Pine Tree Audio, they worked individually with me, made a phono din/rca cable with my chosen din connector (long narrow neck needed), my length, my color

Triode Wire Labs makes all kinds of one-off custom cables.  See their thread over on AudioCircle.
Magicmarksy on ebay for all things Infinity. He'll take phone calls if you find his phone number.  
Another vote for Triode Wire Labs.  Really nice cables that also happen to be very reasonably priced.
I had a new umbilical powercord for my Gold Note PSU/PH10's made by these guys in the US, and it's a pin setup. They might be able to help you out, great and friendly service, www.revelationaudiolabs.com good luck in the hunt, cheers.