Looking for a burner ???

Try contacting the Harman Audio Outlet. They currently have "B stock" H/K CDR 2's for $208.00. These units are dual drawer CD-R / CD-RW capable with a 4X recording speed and use 24 / 96 DAC's. All units come with a full manufacturer warranty, accessories, manuals, etc.... MSRP on this piece was originally $799. No affilliation with Harman International, just wanted to pass on a good deal. Sean

1-800-981-3810 or email them at outlet@harman.com
Sean, I tried to buy one on-line from HK's Store, they are out of stock. Damn, looked like a good deal. I'll call to confirm stock status all the same. Thanks, Jeff
I wonder how the analog recording quality on these new consumer units is (he asks rhetorically)? Could someone give me this basic info on SCMS: Does it only prevent you from dubbing copies of a copy of a whole CD, or does it also prevent you from copying any material (like personal compilation CDs) that was recorded from protected CDs? I've read some explanations of SCMS but don't know the answer. Thanks in advance.
Simply Put, Serial Copy Management System was Designed to allow the 1st Consumer Version Model SONY DAT Machines DAT700 & ES 75 abroad in the Mist of 1990 Litigation Prohibiting Digital Music Copies of Copyrighted Material. Basically, SCMS will allow you to Copy a Digital Copy to a 1st Generation Copy Unlimited for Personal Use, Thereafter The Copy (2nd Generation) is Prohibited by SCMS to be Digitally Copied...... The Original is Still Game for New Copies, so Long as its 1st Generation, Analogue Copies, Unlimited, Who Cares
Mikie, I understand the info you posted, except for how you get the first letter of so many of your words capitalized. Specifically what I want to know is -- let me use an example: Suppose I burn a CD-R with a track from Lucinda William's Car Wheels CD and a track from Miles Davis' Birth of the Cool CD. Does SCMS prevent me from making a second-generation copy of that "compilation"? Or does it only prevent second-generation copies of whole CDs? Thanks again.
I have a cheap phillips player, if you copy a disc to a cdr it does so entirely in the digital domain, if you make a copy of the copy it will not allow you to make another digital copy it instead reads the disc, converts it to analog and then send it to an A to D converter which then copies the disc, I have not done comparisons as far as the sound quality of the "copy of a copy" vs the original copy, if that makes sense, I'm not sure what the process is if you are copying a personal compilation, hope this helps, mike