Looking for a better CD changer

I am coming to the realization that a brightness problem (with accompanying listener fatigue) I've been wrestling with in my system is a source problem. My CD player has been a Denon DCM370 changer, which has been very dependable, but improved speakers and cables are revealing its shortcomings. My amp is an Arcam Alpha 8R integrated.

My personal preference is a CD changer rather than a single player (yes, I understand this is not the "best" source). Like many other audio hobbyists, I don't have a ton of money to spend. Suggestions from anybody on an upgrade would be appreciated.

You might consider connecting your changer to an external DAC such as one from California Audio Labs or Bel Canto ($400-$500 range used). You will experience a significant improvement in performance; I did exactly that with an only Sony ES changer when I hooked it up to a California Audio Labs Alpha DAC.

For a one-box solution, the California Audio Labs CL-10 is frequently tossed around as one of the better one-box changers for Redbook. Expect to pay somewhere around $700-$800 used. Or, you might consider one of the newer Sony ES changers (SCD-333ES and SCD-555ES, I believe) that can also accommodate SACD.

I hope that helps a little.

A DAC is a good solution if you want a CD changer and have the money. That way you get many more options. For now, I stick with the Sony ES changers and love them. Amazing quality sound for the price and no DAC is really needed. I found the 222ES better than a Denon I auditioned (unfortunately I don't remember the model) and the Denon was a good bit more expensive. So give Sony a try, like the 222 or 555. 333 is only 2 channel and the others are 5 channel. Good luck! Arthur
Since you own an Arcam int. amp perhaps an Arcam multi-play CD player(I believe they were called "MCD.") Visually they would match and probably it would sound better than the Denon. Another possibility would be an Adcom GCD-600/700 and then adding a seperate DAC at a later point when funds permit. Owned the Adcom GCD-600 a few years back it functioned flawlessly the time I owned it. (At the store they had the Adcom 600 DAC which could be switched in/out w/the player and it sounded a whole lot better w/the DAC. CAL audio would also be an excellent choice if you have enough funds. Perhaps you should consider just adding a DAC at the moment(since you're pleased w/ the Denon's function and reliability) and then seeing how things sound. If your're not satisfied w/ your purchace (used DAC) you'll lose very little in resale I would think. Also, your interconnect choice has a significant influence on the sound. Good Luck and do some research. Bill
the mac mcd 205..the best.
Just thought I'd update on this post. The Denon DCM 370 is an extremely good CD player, but the only combo of cabling that made it bearable without a DAC was Mapleshade's Clearview Double Golden Helix Ultrathin interconnects and speaker cable. I made the mistake of selling those and very much regret it.

The DAC I got is a modded Adcom GDA600--it has new op amps and piggybacked extra DAC chips--which makes it a quite different animal from the standard Adcom GDA600. This thing is fast and sharp with imaging. That said--I would say that the most noticeable improvements with the DAC over the Denon DCM370 are much better detail resolution, clarity in imaging and a much more detailed soundstage. I notice the improvement particularly in detail resolution--I have (and you probably have)some CDs that sound like a mess of noise. The combo of the DAC and the Denon DCM370 has resolved so much of that junk and I can actually hear what the synthesizers, percussion, or the players in an orchestra are actually doing and I am enjoying those recordings more.

All that said, DAC's seem to vary in character as much as CD players do. I loved a Theta DSP Pro Prime that I listened to, didn't like a Muse Two (which was a Stereophile recommended component) because it was too soft sounding. I think this modded Adcom GDA 600 is perhaps just a tad too sharp for me, but I am still glad I added it to my system and it has hugely improved my listening experience.

I am using a Canare Digiflex Gold II coax cable and Siltech Paris MXT interconnects--both warm and tubelike.

I think the Denon DCM370 is probably one the great buys for sound and reliability with CD changers. I think it is worth tweaking.
Some good advice here on the Sony. I would get a Sony SCD333ES. Used about $500. Have Dan from Mod Wright mod it for you for $400 or so and you will have a world class player that not only does redbook well but also has SACD!