Looking for a Balanced XLR output DAC under $1k

Looking for something maybe on the slightly warm side of neutral. (NOT the Benchmark Dac1)
Cambridge DAC-Magic or Rega
W4S DAC-2. A bit over budget, probably you can buy one used?
I’ve been looking for the same type of sound in a <$1000 DAC myself. One of the most talked about new units in several forums I’ve been tracking is the Yulong Sabre D-18 which uses the 32-bit Sabre ES9018 chip. According to owners/reviewers it has a slightly warm sound and is one of the best DACs anyone’s heard under a $1000. It’s fully balanced and sells for $699 at Grant Fidelity. Here’s a 15-page forum thread devoted to this model:>Yulong D-18 thread at head-fi.org
Nemesis, I was thinking about getting the Benchmark. What's wrong with it? I don't like analytical.
Monarchy M22B, possibly with the rare 24bit upgrade, sweetest sounding DAC EVER, simply amazing! It has out performed so many DACs the only two worth mentioning is the Bel Canto DAC3 and the Electrocompaniet ECD-1 (also the Benchmark DAC-1). If you can find a Monarchy M22B get it (just not the M22, M22A, M22C).