Looking for a 78 rpm cartridge...

I'm looking for something substantially better than the Grado. What's out there?
Needledoctor.com would know.
I just got word back from Musical Surroundings. After checking with Benz, they say that I can have ANY of the Benz models made custom for 78 RPM mono!

Even greater yet is they will not charge any extra fee over the standard retails costs!

I posted this in case anyone else in 78 RPM land has been searching for something far better than the Grado.
Gthrush: I realize that your post is seeking input on a 78-rpm cartridge that is better than the Grado, but I thought I'd respond with info that may be helpful to others who also want something for 78-rpm playback. For those on a more restricted budget, don't overlook Shure's cartridge line. They have a cartridge/stylus made specifically for 78-rpm records -- I had one some years ago, and it worked very well.

In addition to checking with Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor, also contact Garage-a-Records (prices are sometimes better than Needle Doctor). Here is the link to Garage-a-Records:

Good listening to you!
I have had good luck with the Denon 103C, which has a conical stylus. The output voltage is a little on the low side at .25mv and the complicance is on the very low side which makes arm matching quite a bit more critical, but in the right rig this baby really sings.