Looking for a 5 channel amp that is warm sounding

I currently have a Monitor Audio Gold GR series 5.1 setup. I am running it with a HK DPR-2005 receiver, which is their higher end digital amp (it has been since discontinued). Maybe this receiver is the root of my problems, but the only thing I am not thrilled about my speakers, is the highs have a slight edge to them; maybe a little bright.

I am looking in the $700-1200 range used. If I can find what I am looking for in a 3 channel amp, I would certainly be willing to go that route as well.

Am I barking up the wrong tree in trying to find an amp for my solution, or should I start from scratch and get new speakers?

Please list the rest of your system. Source(s), room treatments (if any) and what your room is like. Hardwood or carpet? Large amounts of glass? In a basement with cinder block or concrete walls?
Hi Eldarado,

Denon 2200 DVD/CD player
Harman Kardon DPR-2005
Monitor Audio GR10, GRLCR and GRFX Speakers
Axiom EP500 subwoofer.

Hardwood floor with an Area Rug that takes up 60-70% of room. No room treatment to speak of (family room, so don't think I will be able to go down that route. One wall is a huge sliding glass door, but I have curtains that I pull completely shut for listening. It is not in a basement, so typical drywall.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Try different interconnects and speaker cables first. They can cause the problem.
USED Parasound 2205a [220 watts per ch.]or 1205a [140 watts per ch]depending on power needs.JD
ditto on the Parasound amps.
I was looking at some of the used Parasound's in the classifieds. Does Parasound in general have a warm sound to them, or just that particular line?

I think it is only the amps I mentioned and the 3 channel versions of both,2203a and 1203a.JD
B&k is the best choice among Para, Anthem and.. maybe adcom for that price, and put some carpet under ur speaker 9front), u ll see big difference.
have fun.
I'll chime in on the Parasound 2205. I've lived with this amp for several years without a glitch, just make sure you give it plenty of room to breathe or use fans if it will be installed in a cabinet. Gobs of power for music and movies. Warm midrange and good bass slam, it should match up nice with the MA's, as they tend to have plenty of treble energy. At that pricepoint the reliable and proven Parasound amps are tough to beat. If you buy used Parasound will still stand behind the product-EXCELLENT customer service.
Now is a good time to change your pre-pro.Take a look at the new offerings from Marantz or Pioneer.There is a silver used Arcam AVP350 on A,gon right now,that would be my first choice for used units(very good for music and HT). Good luck.