Looking for a 2-channel high end volume control

I am working on a balanced design and I need a gain control with two channels. I currently am considering the Cirrus Logic CS3308/18. Details here: https://www.cirrus.com/products/cs3308-18/

However, unfortunately, the Cirrus is an 8-channel gain control and they apparently do not have a 2-channel version of this chip.

Is there a chip of comparable quality that can simultaneously perform gain control on two channels?

In the past few years I have been looking into Pre Amp's and am myself going to have a Balanced Design Produced to work with my Monoblock Power Amp's that are to be reconfigured to be a Balanced Design.

The Volume Control that has been researched by myself and one that is very well received when reading up on the reviews is the Muses.

As as you have requested a Chip, I think this might be in keeping with your inquiry, so I will propose the Muses VC for you to look at.
This VC Design has been used in a few Brands TOTL Pre Amp's.
The Link is not the only supplier, there are a few different Sources.
I believe it can have a Balance Control on the Same Rotary Control for VC.
In my mind, VC and Balance Control would be quite an interesting additional option for a Balanced Pre Amp'.  


I use the CS3310, a 2-channel Stereo control. It’s part of a Chinese "passive preamp" with 4 inputs, remote control, mute, and it also has Balance control that doesn’t affect the sound quality in any way.

The "blurb" on ebay claimed Jeff Rowland also used it. Skeptical, I checked the Rowland site: sure enough, Rowland’s $17,000 preamp does use it.

Before I got it, I was using an ALPS 10K motorized pot, which is 40 years old, bu works perfectly. I still haven’t completely decided, but I think the old pot delivers a bit more detail... but lacks a balance function.

I need remote control, but I haven't yet found a chip-based system that can match a simple pot. Even my Meridian preamp, a "high-end" brand, veils the sound noticeably.
PS — I should have included this extensive info:


Cirrus discontinued this product, as of Feb 4, 2022 (sic) —but it’s still available
Interesting to learn about the Muses, I've not come across that manufacturer before. Spec is very similar to the Cirrus and TI although the Muses has a gain stage built in (but not great distortion figures).
In all honesty I'm not even sure whether 99.9% of people would ever notice whether it was a pot, IC or switched attenuator. In terms of noise the ICs score lowest, pots are pretty good when they're brand new. Pots are worst on left/right tracking and longevity. And switched attenuators are either expensive and have limited steps (passive types) or expensive and complicated (log relay types). If 'high end' means best sound quality then none of the ICs really cut it... I'm only saying that because 'high end' is in the title of the thread.