Looking for 5 Channel amp for Aerial Spe

I am using Aerial 10T and cc5 speakers,I am looking for the best match in thr $3000 to $5000 price range, I am considering the bryston 9 bst,ead powermaster 1000,Aragon 8008x5 and the sunfire signature, I am not able to demo because of location, need opinions, thanks all
I have the Aerial 10T, CC3, 7B, and SW-12. I'm also using the Sunfire Sig. Cinema Grand to drive the Aerials. It is a great 5 channel amp with enough power to drive the 10t's. The Bryston is a good amp but under powered for the 10T. In my opion. I would not use anything under 250w/ch for your speakers.
Room size,and how loud you play it are also factors.Power ratings aren't the only things to consider. I drive 10t s with 100 a side;in a small room at less than thunderous levels with geat success.Jadis7 mk4. OK,not a 5 channel; but just an example of power ratings not all being equal.Besides control, 10s love CLEAN power and pass it on.
i have a brand new sunfire cinama grand 5 channel new in box full warrenty for $1950 and a signature for $2750 check out our showroom on audiogon good listening stephen