Looking for 5.1 processor and 5 channel amp

I have just purchased a pair of Aerial 7B's, SR3's and a CC3 for my dedicated HT room. I am now searching for a processor and 5 channel amp. I am considering the Classe 180 amp and SSP30 processor or Theta Dreadnaught and Casanova processor or the EAD Powermaster 1000 / 2000 and their Ovation Plus processor. What I need most out of the processor is very simple. I would love (2) sub out's if possible, on-screen display, balanced audio out's, good bass management control, DD, DTS, and maybe even radio (but not necessary). My sources are limited to (2) Replays, VHS, DVD and SAT, NO Laser Disks or any other sources. Any opinions on the above or any new information would be great.
You should also add the Bryston SP-1 pre/pro and the Bryston 9B-ST to your "short list". Both are superb units that also represent high value. I have the SP-1 and can highly recommend it, and the 9B-ST has gotten outstanding reviews. For more info about these products, go to Bryston's Web site at: www.bryston.ca
Obviously you need to go find these components and audition them for yourself. We all have our own individual tastes but at this performance level it'll be hard to make a "bad" choice. I have owned Bryston stuff for 20 years and now have a Classe SSP-25 and CAV-75 for home theatre. The Classe stuff sounds much smoother to me - even while listening to television (DTV) sources. I'd love to hear the latest Bryston stuff as a comparison but for the $2200 I paid for the Classe it would have to completely overwhelm me to make the switch.
Sim Attraction + Theta 5-ch Dreadnaught. An audiophile combo that will do HT superbly as well. I have no complaints.
I like my EAD PM-1000 amp and TheaterMaster-8. The amp has a nice rich tone with good bass. The TM-8 is excellent and a big improvement over my Denon AVP8000 but doesn't offer AV switching. More bass with adjustable roll-off, 2 sub-outs, balanced front outputs etc; just no audio video switching!