Looking for $1500-2500$ speaker system

I am looking for a set of quality speakers used/new in the $1500 -2000 price range. I would like to put together a system that does not require additional amplification (unless the speaker provides it) from a receiver. I have set aside approximately $500 for my receiver.

Given the price I am hoping I can get a nice 2.1, however if anyone has recommendations for a 5.1 I shall consider it. Thanks for any suggestions.
You need to make up your mind if you want a 2 channel system or a theater before you go any further. If you go with a 2 channel system, you may be better off putting more money into the amp. Maybe step up to a better quality integrated. If you don't give your speakers good, clean power, you won't be able to hear what they can do. It all has to work together as a system in order for it to sound right.
With Emotiva's current sale, there's no excuse not to get separates with some power. You will never hear what your speakers have to offer if you insist on driving them with a mass market receiver. Right now you can get a full-function 2-channel preamp and 125 wpc power amp for $669 total, or $769 for the pre plus 150 wpc. These amps have far more current and ability to bring speakers to life than any $500 receiver could.

I'd rather have a high current amp driving stand mount speakers than have to listen to floorstanders driven by a receiver.
I can think of dozens of different pairs of "quality" speakers within your price range. But that doesn't mean that any or all of them will sound good to you.

Besides the very good points already made to you, here are a few more.

Do you prefer music or movies? Will this be a stereo system or an HT system? IMO, just about all speakers can do movies but most of them can't do music right. Yet all are "quality".

Are you thinking about floor standers or bookshelf? If the latter, will they be on stands or on bookshelf? This will determine whether you should be considering front or rear ported. Both designs are "quality" though.

What kind of sound are you looking for? Warm, smooth and laid back? Articulate? Up front and in your face? There are many different drivers that can be used to accomplish these different sound characteristics - soft dome tweeters, hard dome tweeters, ribbons, horns, etc. Whats your driver preference? Again, all are certainly "quality".

See what I am getting at? Beside the already excellent advice the previous forum members gave you, I suggest you get out to some dealers and start auditioning so you find out whats the best speaker for you. And not for us.
YOu need to spend more on the amp than 500 if you want this to sound good in my opinion. I would definitely add 1000 to your 500 set aside for amplification and go with 1500 speakers, you will get way more satisfaction in the long run this way. Figure out the speakers you want and then get the amp to pair with them. These days many of the better solid state integrated amps would sound good with almost any speaker. Heck I would personally rather get a 2500 amp with 500 speakers if forced to choose between that and 500 amp with 2500 speakers. Cheap amps don't sound good period.