Looking for $1000 speakers for my 2.0 -plz advise

I have my PC connected via USB to a Peachtree Decco.

The room is approx 12x12, I think the Decco should be enough to drive most speakers.

I watch movies occasionally but for the most part, it will be for music.

I was looking at the Sierra-1's for ~$900, don't think I can go wrong with a free home trial, but what are my other options?

I'm thinking towers would be overkill in a room this small, but then again, I don't want to add a sub either so I need something with decent bass.

I currently have Energy RC10's which I picked up for $300 from Vanns, they MSRP for $600 I think.

They sound really good, but I want something even better... not sure if $1000 will be enough to reach the next level though.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, thank you.
vmps 626jr.....does it all.
Free home trial sounds good.Go for it,what do you have to lose?
In your price range, you can get a home trial of the Ohm MicroWalsh Tall (MWT). It is designed for smaller rooms, like yours. www.ohmspeakers.com.