Looking for

I've been auditioning pair of Pinnacle BD650s for two weeks or so, trying hard to fall in love with them... and failing. They're gorgeous, and have a neutral though laid back sound. They lack midrange focus and the highs are a bit dry and understated. They reproduce female voices well but have trouble with male voices, which recede into the background. Soundstage is only OK. Imaging is good. Not a bad sounding speaker overall, but just not my cup of tea.

Then, just for kicks, I hooked up a pair of B&W DM610s that I've been trying to rehab from the abuses of a cruel prior owner, and ... wow. These I liked! The highs were clear and engaging, the midrange was surprisingly agile for a two way with an 8 inch driver, the bass was a bit muddy, but the soundstage was great! So, because one of the drivers is damaged beyond repair, and no replacements are available, I'm looking for suggestions for a similar sounding speaker.

Yes, I know the metal tweeter can ring, is somewhat forward, and I can see how it could get fatiguing after hours of listening, but I don't ever listen for that long at one sitting, and it appears that I like the metal tweets, having only owned soft domes in the past. Am looking for a balanced but acccurate midrange and a fast bass response down to 70-80Hz if possible (can be higher since I'll be using a sub). Soundstage and imaging are also important. Anyone have any suggestions?

Oh, the system I have them hooked up to includes an Arcam AVR 200 receiver, an Arcam DIVA 135 DVD/CD transport, and Kimber KCAG interconnects borrowed from my main system in an effort to wake up the Pinnacles' upper end (helped a little, but not enough).

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.