Looking dac for replace my Benchmark HDR. Esoteric D-07X ?

Hi, im looking dacs for replace my Benchmark HDR (loved)

i have Int-60 pass with Wilson Sophia 2.
Benchmark is very good dac but maybe neutral and steril.

I loved when i had pre tube , but now with pass int-60 (solid amp) i need source more musical 

Esoteric D07 or D07X can be good choise ? is musical ? or mcintosh D100.
(looking Dacs around u$1500 used.)
Um, the Mytek Brooklyn is $2k new, but it’s previous generation is $1k new and less used. Unfortunately I haven’t heard it, but the brooklyn is not sterile either. It’s invigorating to listen to, but not euphonic in a tube sense. Just wide wide open.

Also really like the Schiit's I've heard.  Berkeley is very nice, not sterile either but I find it's top end a bit cool.
Woo Audio about $1300.00(new) shipped. Have the DAC and transport very happy with both ! !