Looking at upgrading current speakers

I am currently using Mirage 3si for my main spekaers in my two channel system. I have upgraded to a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 preamp, Processor 3 and SFT-1 with I2SE connection. I am using an Aragon 8008BB to drive everything. I like the Mirages but am looking for more depth, clarity, transparency and all around tonal balance. The Mirages have the bass that I like but I am looking for a little more. I have Auditioned the Silverline Sonatina II and Magnepan 3.6. They sound very good through the midrange and upper registers but the bass was not there. I have seen ads for Silverline Sonata III, Meadowlark Blue Heron, Genesis V and Von Schweikert 5 HSE. I have heard great things about these speakers but have not heard them. I am looking to spend around $4.5k. I'm soliciting any and all opinions on these and any other speakers you think would give me what I am looking for at the price I am willing to pay.
My speakers are Vienna Acoustics Mahlers (in rosewood)and I am delighted with the way they sound and look, however the MSRP is $10,000. Vienna Acoustics makes a model called the Strauss MSRP $6500 and it is just a smaller version of the Mahler speaker. I have listened to it several times and it is excellent. It has the same sound as the Mahlers with just a little less bass.

Currently someone here on Audiogon is selling the Strauss for $3500. I suggest you look them up because the seller has an excellent description of their sonic signiture and has pictures. If I had to start all over again and purchase new speakers for my 2 channel system I would make the same decision and buy the Mahlers. If I did not have the cash for them, then I would buy the Strauss and be quite happy.

Good luck.
check out the gradient revolution, vandys, and the belle klipsch. all are quite different, but all are keepers. at $4000 plus, you do want keepers.
I have found a pair of Vandersteen 4as for a very good price. I think I am going to pick them up.
Merlins are worth a look,good luck,Bob
I too have mirage 3si's.I have had them since 1995 and had been very happy with them. I too use them with aragon amps.Early this year i too felt i wanted more and went shopping.I decided on Reimer Tetons.Killer bass along with very good mids and highs.Retail is $5800. Well worth it!Blow away my mirage! Good luck in your search.Kevin