Looking at tubes ...

Isn't this like watching the visualizer in iTunes or Winamp? I like that, but is it worth the cost?

I like VU meters too, have them on my Son of Ampzilla.

Is it the same kind of thing? I'm on the fence about tubes, but I do have some Maggies now.

I was never a believer in the 70's, I have no experience with any tube amps or preamps.

it's not about watching . . . you really need to listen to tube gear before you can believe, or not believe.

Until then, you're simply not interested in trying them.
I like tubes with my Apogees....I think it depends on your goals. I found tubes to be more musical sounding than what I had been using...Solid state, Krell, Bat, Pass......ect

My advice, forget the Maggies...buy some Apogees, and tubes.

For me, it is the sound of tubes that is really the treat. I can't live without them.

Not sure what there is to watching tubes … kind of like watching a turntable go round and round, only a little less exciting.

In some applications tubes do contribute to a very natural and lifelike sound. Depending on where you want to employ tubes in your system, they normally require careful matching and don’t sound very good when mismatched.

Best phone your Maggie dealer or manufacturer and ask them if they are suitable for tubes.

I used to love watching the tubes..Until on more than one occasion, one would glow cherry red and quit! It got to the point I was staring at the tubes to make sure they were "behaving" normally and subconsciously worried while not paying attention to the music!

Now, I run SS amps and let the tubes in the pre amp do their thing without having to stare at any tubes!!

Seriously, I love tube amps and surely will own more again!
If you plan on keeping your Maggies..be sure to use LOTS of good tubes! ;-)
I just got a 1997 vintage Anthem tube preamp. Not much to watch on those tiny filaments! I still have the VU meters on my solid state Son of Ampzilla. And the visualizer in iTunes.