Looking at some Devore "The Nines", Current amp is CJ CA200.

I know that the solid state CJ might be much more powerful than the Nines require, but I love the amp.

Any thoughts out there?

Thanks in advance.
Extra power can't hurt. If you love the amp, it should be fine. Devore is usually shown with tubes, but I'd guess that any CJ SS gear might be a bit towards a tubey tonal signature than many others.
Nines are really nice! Cheers,
Devores are really designed for tubes! They are also easy to drive, and our customers have really nice things to say about them.

You will do alright with your amp, but if you like the combination, I suggest that you audition a good tube amp on the Devores and see how much you still like your SS amp. The way it works with any amp is to not present it with a difficult load. This is in particular true with tubes, and the Devores are a good speaker for being easy on a tube amp. I think you will find that you hear things with a good tube amp and the Devores that you didn't know was in the recording. Above all- have fun!
Thank you both. I appreciate the input.