Looking at best option for 20-25k for DAC Streamer combo

I currently have Lumin x1 and looking to upgrade.  I’m thinking in the 20-25K range.   I don’t need a preamp since I have the CH Precision L1.  I’m considering DCS Bartok, Aurender A30, Esoteric N-01XD, Luxman D10X (SACD player with super DAC.  I like the idea of an all in one, but open minded.  I’d like to hear you thoughts and recommendations.


I decided to go with the MSB a direct with streamer and dual power supplies.  I like the MSB sound and wanted to try an R2R DAC.  I was also interested in their trade up plan for down the road.  Thank you for all of your great responses.  There are a lot of good options!

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@tontoverde You made an excellent choice.  MSB was going to be my recommendation.  What color are you getting, black or silver?

Let us know how you like it after you get it set up.

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@tontoverde +1 on your choice of MSB. I recently made the move from a Lumin X1 to MSB Discrete DAC/Streamer with dual power supplies after having both in my home and A/B testing them. The Lumin X1 is a wonderful DAC/Streamer and I would have likely not made a change had I not been able to do the A/B test. That said, I prefer the sound of the MSB and am glad I made the change.