Looking at AQ NRG-Y3 for parasound A21 amp....

I am thinking about taking the leap into Power Cables. I am told that it would “Greatly” enhance the sound quality of my stereo. Therefore, I am going to start off small and budget around $150. I am looking at the Audioquest NRG-Y3. My only concern is when I read the box, it states that it helps source components.
Will this provide a better sound on my Parasound A21 Amp. Will enough current pass. Is it a “Huge” improvement over a stock power cable. Any info is greatly appreciated!


An amp such as your A21 should use a heavier gauge power cable since it draws much more current than a source component.
As you stated, that AQ cable is suited for source components which draw a low amount of current.
   A large amp will never perform at its potential using a cable that can't deliver the current required.

If you are on a budget, take a look at Cullen Cable or Signal Cable for a PC suited for a high current amp.

See if you can borrow a Audioquest Thunder power cord.
Since you’re on a budget and this is your first cable, check out Cullen Cables, PS Audio, and Signal Cables. There are others who build high current cables.

These are for an amp...


I have used Signal Cables before and now use Audioquest. The new AQ cables are very very good and work better for my system. For your A21 amp though, I would recommend the Z3 which is bigger gauge and better noise dissipation. Look around on Ebay, there are reputable US Ebay sellers selling it well below retail.