Looking at a new non-SACD player, but still own lots of SACDs

I am looking at upgrading my current CD player, my budget is $3K ish, certainly below $5K.  The two units I am looking at in the $3K range,  Moon Simaudio 260 and Rega Saturn R, do not play SACDs. Rather than give up my SACD collection, I wonder if anyone has any experience with a work around. 

The one thought that occurs to me is to find a modest priced SACD player (used) with a digital/optical out as a transport only and run it into the DAC of the new unit.  Will this work or is the SACD circuity in the DAC and not the transport/laser?

Are any other options?

Or should I be looking at a different new CD player that plays SACDs? 
What's your current SACD player? The Esoteric DV-50s SACD player goes for around $1500 used, and is built like a tank. It has a digital out.
The problem with the plan you propose is that the vast majority of SACD players will not pass DSD and instead only output PCM thus losing all the benefit of the SACD. DCS transports will pass DSD but only in proprietary formats that need a DCS DAC to decode. Probably the same with Esoteric. Buying a quality used SACD may be the way to go. Use it to play SACDs and then take the digital output to a newer DAC of your choice to get the best from red book. Now is the time to buy the best SACD transport you can given TEAC are no longer selling the mechanisms OEM. 
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Get a used Esoteric.  There was an Esoteric UX-1 player posted here a week ago for 2700.00.  It uses the Burr Brown PCM1704 R to R ladder dac which is one of the smoothest.  I have the UX-3 player with the same dac and transport and it is a keeper.  The UX-1 sold for over 11K when new.
bdp24 - I am using an Arcam CD17, was just under a grand new a few years ago. Nothing special, competitive for the cost. 

Stereo5/bdp24 - Thanks for the thoughts on a used Esoteric. I think the UX-1 that is for sale is from Europe, which I have concerns about buying from overseas.  I am not familiar with the rest of the Esoteric line. 

Folkfreak- with your Teac comment, sounds like the long term future of SACDs in in question.
You might want to consider the Marantz  SACD/CD players.  They have 2 or 3 players within your budget.  The SA11 being at the top end around $4000, the SA15 at around 2500 and the SA8005 at around 1200.

what other gear, including cabling, is in your system?
What SACD player are you using?   If you like the Arcam CD17, move up to the Arcam FMJ model.

Happy Listening!
I agree with jafant. If you like sound, search for an Arcam jfm CD23T. The "T" version reads text on screen and has a Sony mechanism. It will give you HDCD capability. In addition it brings two toroidal transformers to the party. Ring Dac and digital out. Good luck.

local dealer was talking about an ayre c5xe that he got on trade. should be able to listen to it in the next week.  same dealer carries arcam, so should be able to listen to the jfm23 at the same time. no one stocks esoteric in my area, so not sure how i will get a chance to listen to sny of their products
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Grab a Marantz SA8005 and sent it to Modwright instruments for their "truth" tube modifications. You won't be sorry.

The Marantz SA8005 looks pretty nice, but does not have balanced/XLR output. If you want or need that, ModWright also mods the Sony XA-5400ES, which does. The Sony is out-of-production, but available second-hand for around a grand. ModWright charges $1995, so for your $3000 you'll have a real nice CD/SACD player.
I would definitely consider the Ayre. Listen and trust your ears.

Very cool-  meiatflask

 I look forward in reading about your impressions on the auditioning of an Arcam FMJ and Ayre spinners.  Happy Listening!
New Marantz reference SA-10 as good CD spinning gets. Amazing audio piece.
missed out on the ayre as the dealer just sold it. hmmmm. i need to find local dealers for some of the other candidates mentioned

bdp24- i have heard of the modwright modifications, most noteably on the oppo.  any way to listen to the units before committing to purchase?
@tpreaves +1!  I am listening to Rachmaninoff's Symphony #2 right now on SACD.  Just lovely. Listened to of all things Yello's Toy CD this afternoon and the joint was jumping'.

@meiatflask  I've had my Marantz SA 8005 Modwright Signature Truth playing continuously for the 8 days it has been here.  Best digital I've ever heard. A great barometer to me about how something is sounding is if I find myself staying to listen longer than intended and making excuses not to leave the listening room.  A second indicator of great, clean sound is my inclination to keep turning up the volume.  Before this machine, I was more likely to reduce volume while listening to silver discs.

Everything about the Modwright experience from initial contact to receipt of the modified player and outboard power supply is as professional as it gets.  The 9.0 power supply is built like a tank!  Circuit layout and workmanship is exemplary. Even the way everything is packed is well thought out and executed.

I don't know here you're located, but if you were within a reasonable distance you would be more than welcome to hear it for yourself.
One important point I forgot to mention. Read and re-read threads on A’gon in which Modwright was discussed. Everything is positive and consistent! Many of the same adjectives are used to characterize the "sound" of the Modwright Signature Truth mods. Many threads discussed earlier experiences with having Oppo players modified. You are relatively new to posting here but I think you’ll find the folks here are really into the audiophile scene and genuinely want to help others to improve their systems by sharing their experiences. I put my faith in that and was richly rewarded.
Wait until the OPPO UDP205 comes out. 
The problem with used CD/SACD player is the transport subsystem has a limited life. Do you want that? Therefore consider buying a new one.
With my 105, the OPPO will play SACDs in native mode. You can convert to PCM if you wish - it gives you the option.
OPPO is the Swiss army knife of disks and DACs. I connect a USB device to the OPPO with high rez DSD downloads. 
I am a dealer, don't sell them but tell my clients to get them. The only devices better sonically is the top of the line Ayre and Accuphase. Way above your budget.
"The only devices better sonically is the top of the line Ayre and Accuphase."

An irresponsible statement, especially from a dealer.

I would highly recommend the Ayre C-5xeMP multi disc player. Read the reviews. You can find them here occasionally at your price point.



It is obvious you never heard a Esoteric player or a high end Marantz.  There are also many others.  I don't see the attraction to the Oppo players.  I find them too bright for my taste.  On the other hand, my Esoteric UX3 is just right and a keeper.


where are you located? Which brands and lines do you represent?
Agreed stereo5

Oppo is a machine for those interested in convenience.
It cannot compete w/ higher end spinners.
I agree with suebart1's recommendation. The Sony S9000ES is a very good performer that can now be found for under $300. It outputs the DSD signal without first converting it to PCM.

I recently upgrade from my trusty S9000ES to an Esoteric DV050S.

For listening to CDs, I had bypassed the Sony's DAC and ran the digital out into a Teac UD-501. I was surprised how close it came to the DV-50S, given the price differential. SACD, on the other hand, wasn't even close. 
@nordicnorm are you sure it outputs DSD? According to the manual the alternative digital output is 96khz/24bit vs 48khz/pcm (i.e. Red book). So two levels of PCM output but no DSD. As previously noted outside computer formats for downloaded files output of native DSD from SACDs is limited to manufacturer proprietary formats

still looks like a good player however at the price 

Poor wording on my part. I should have said that the signal from SACDs remain DSD until decoded into analog. There is no PCM conversion that occurs along the way.
Investigate the Bryston BDA 3 DAC.  It accepts DSD from HDMI.  Cost $3500 around your budget.
I sold my Krell Cipher after hearing my BlueSound Vault 2 in my system playing my ripped CD's!  Even my Dual layer SACD's when ripped sounded as good or better played back through my system.  I use an MIT Magnum Coax into my Krell amp.  Something pretty amazing going on...sounds so much closer to a "mic feed" than through a conventional spinner. 
I would like to hear your system- dave_b

Happy Listening!
Buy an OPPO 103...rip all SACD to DSD....done.  Now you can pick any DAC that supports DSD