looking at 2 phono pre amps

the Lehmann Audio Black Cube Statement or the Musical Surroundings phenomena. Anyone have any comments, I would love to hear from you. I am looking for a big improvment over a Project Phono Box S. I use a Rega P3 and a Modwright 9.0 sig edition line stage.
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I'd wait until you can afford to spend more. Either of those would be an incremental upgrade at best and maybe not better depending on what kind of music you listen to.
There's an Aesthetix Rhea on the Gon for $2.5k
Let me know if you decide to sell your Project Box...I might be interested...
The musical surroundings Phonomena is Awesome!! what a gigantic leap ahead of the Phono Box S I was using. Now I love to spin Vinyl again..It sounds better than my digital. I am so happy with the musical surroundings. It really does everything I was hoping for. And it has more settings on it for any cartridge I would ever want to run. This thing Rocks!!
Take a look at the Jasmine LP2 and read some of the reviews here on Audiogon. Out of the box, the unit is a high performer. Upgrade the output caps with Jantzen Superior z-caps, and you should have no reason to look for another pre.

I run mine with a Denon DL-S1 on a Lenco rebuild (Mirko platter and bearing) and VPI JMW 12.5. I also used a Micro Acoustics MA530MP. The Jasmine worked superbly with both the LOMC and the moving iron.
in that range...the Grado PH-1 is hard to beat...thats what I went with...not for tweakers or fiddlers...it doesnt have an array of settings...but it has a unique presentation of warmth and clarity...and the wood exterior case is a nice touch
If you are using a Rega table and cartridge then the Croft gear is what you want. Listen to a Croft RIAA. I have one that I am using with a Rega RP-6 and Exact 2 cartridge and the match between the two is spectacular plus I understand Glenn Croft uses Rega gear to help voice his phono stages.