lookin for info on the nht classic 4

Has anyone heard these speakers yet? They are beautiful, but no reviews and nowhere I can hear them.
I work in a High End shop, We just got the Classic 4 in Thur of last week. Out the box they sound very open and revealing, need to put more time on them. The build seems GREAT and they are ported. Talking to my rep they are based on the old 2.9 series, a speaker that got great reviews and sounded awesome.
thanks mktracy. Anyone else hear these yet?
Check at avsforum.com they have been discussing these for some time.
I had a pair of fours, the three c, and a pair of three's in my house for a few weeks. they were good, but the midrange of the fours wasnt as beefy as i would like.

the top end was very extended and the bass was pretty tight down to 40 hz.
Finally received my set from my CDN dist. NHT was slow to produce these speakers. I saw a model in the spring, at dist showroom but non in CANADA until now! They are very nice looking.