Lookin for a PC for MF A308 integrated

I'm in the process of upgrading my cable and was wondering if anyone has any experience with MF A308 and changing the PC. My price range is around 250-300 new or used. Also looking to upgrade my ic and speaker cable in the future and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I like a sweet mid range sound with huge dynamics and soundstage. My associated equipment is a Jolida JD100(mod1) and Monitor Audio S6 speakers. Thanks for your suggestions... JohnnyP.

While I no longer own a 308, for years I did and found that after trying various cables the Synergistic Research Mastser Classic seemed best. It added more air to the upper end. I was rather skeptical about the upgrade, but once I pluged the PC in I realized a difference. I ran and continue to use AZ silver from my 308cd player and AZ Satori Shotguns to the speakers.

Enjoy the music.
Thanks for the response Revdeg. Sounds interesting I'll look into it. I'm assuming your talking about a non-active one? On a side note, I'm breaking in some IC-3 and SC-5 bi-wire and they sound wonderful. Smooth and articulate, very impressed... JohnnyP.