Look who the Cat dragged in

Hey folks.

Its been a long time, a long long time since I last posted.

Albert Porter, Nrchy? anyone still here> ;)

So I fell out of audio a while back, got a decent system put together, met a girl, got married, had a kid, divorced the girl, discovered photography, got into timelapse photography, started a business engineering motion control systems for timelapse photography, and then out of the blue on an impulse buy I picked up a set of MMG-W's off ebay.

After being completely pleased with myself, I realized my aging Denon 3805 probably wont run them. So today im dropping my Denon POA-2800 reciever off at a repair shop (2800 fought the milk and the milk won).

Now, being the slightly obsessive person I am, im wondering if maybe it is time for a refresher on the reciever.

I have been out of the audio game so long, im not sure where to start.

So my current setup
Denon 3805
Focal Chrous 707's
Deftech center and surrounds
a pair of Velodyne 200w subs.

Here soon i should have a
Denon 3805
Denon POA-2800
Magnepan MMG-w's
same subs/rears.

How is the world of integration these days? Can anyone recommend a reciever (i would say pre-amp but i need something to run the other channels and dont have a very impressive budget) for about $500 that gets some wireless integration for convience? or should i just stick with the 3805 until i get more funs available?

Anyway, hope to hear from you guys, and i hope you have all been well!
GREAT to hear from you Slappy!

Thought you left to another planet, stick around, we need humor here, lately this place has gone to the dumps and got boring fast, I miss the old days.
I like your car. I had a '70 Mach1 in orange with white interior. $3,000 brand new. No AC, but I was young.