Loocking for 6922 tubes for my Audio Research LS7

I´ve just bought an AR LS7(used)and I want to replace the tubes. It has the original Sovteks. (4 tubes)
Unfortunally I could see that NOS like Siemens, Amperex or Mullard are very expensive for me, and it´s too difficult to find good pairs. So for the moment I can buy new tubes like Electro Harmonix, Ei, Tesla.....
Can you recomend me which is better ?
I saw that many people use the Electro Harmonix Gold Pin 6922.
Anyone use the Ei 6dj8 Elite Gold ?
I will apreciate all your recomendations.
I like the EH 6922 gold pins in my CJ premier 16. I have tried Teslas and philips NOS and prefer the EH over both, the EH are more dynamic and detailed.

Get Platinum grade EH 6922 from Upscale Audio. They cost a little more than everywhere else, but you get matched tubes that are burned in for 72 hours before they are matched. Great performance for the price. In my ARC LS-15 they sound great. Try these before you drop big $ on some NOS.
I agree that EH 6922 tubes are an excellent way to go - I use them in my SP9MKII.
I prefer the more balanced tonal characteristics of the JJ vs the EH in DK Design MKII, Quicksilver Audio phono pre, Audion Sterling MK I and MK II SET amps. The EH (steel and gold pin) seem to accenuate the mid freq a bit which might be ok with your AR LS7?
Let us know how it works out, Mike.