Longish speaker cable

Somewhere in the future I might want to re-arrange my audio set-up. Right now my system stands between my speakers. However I am think about moving the system and letting my speaker stay where they are. Right now I use NBS Active IV speaker cables. These are 6 or 8 feet long.

If I move my set I would need speaker cables of 13 to 16 feet long. Speaker cables are very expensive. So I might have to take a step back.

So what are good and affordable speaker cables? Nordost White Lightning, Purple Flair? Kimber 8 series? Pink Faun SC3 etc. Before the NBS I had Wireworld Atalantis 5 and before that Nordost Red Dawn ref2.

So what cables are cheap, good and long?
Belden 10 gauge cable sold by Blue Jeans @ about $1 per ft. Best bang for the buck AFAIK. Only down side is that it is not shielded but for most that is not an issue I think.
I am in that same situation, I will have to look at the Belden. Any specific model or type?
What do you think of Audioquest and Straight Wire sold at Sound Advice? ( If that matters )
I'm running 10 m worth of Nordost Leif series Purple Flair with good results. Had the same dilemma as you - but worse. Compromises are always tough to swallow.
Who knows? Audio is a cut and paste proposition.
A cable that sounds wretched might sound great with a different preamp etc.
That's why I have about 30 prs of speaker cable.
I consider the Canare 4S11 a bargain, available at Blue Jeans Cable, they will even terminate them nicely for you.

Best of Luck

DH Labs Q-Sonic works great whether I use the tube amp with sealed speakers or solid state amp with ported speakers. The cables are neutral and I have a 6 meter run.
If you really want to do what you describe you should think about separates. Place only your power amp between the speakers and run balanced interconnects between the amp and pre.

I realize that this would change your system completely, but given the cost of 32ft of high priced cables and the fact that impedance and capacitance is is directly related to length, so the end result of even the best cables will be a sonic compromise at best, you will be better off with the change.

Sell your integrated and you speaker cables and buy a pre amp, mono block power amps, with balanced in/outs, balanced interconnect (Mogami or similar, since balanced interconnects should have little impact on the sound) and finally 2x3 ft of Canare cable proposed by Peter above. The total cost should not be much more than buying long speaker cables and you should get a net improvement in sound.
Supra Classic 6.0, very good and inexpensive.

Kimber 8VS also inexpensive and very good.

Both can be purchased on a trial basis.
@ Nick _sr

While I like you suggestion I love my Symphonic Line La Musica integrated amplifier.

Do you know the difference in sound between the 8VS, 8TC and 12VS?
Analysis plus OVAL 12.
No Mordante, I've only had the Kimber 8VS.