Longest continuous playing songs

I like (and looking for) continuous playing music, it could be one song or a group of songs that play uninterrupted, the longer, the better. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks for any suggestions,

Mac Arther Park, Richard Harris.
If you like rock, try The Allman Brothers, from "Eat a Peach", Mountain Jam is 33:40 long. Also by the Allman Bros., "At Fillmore East", which is live. 2 LP's, or discs. You Don't Love Me plays for 19:06. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed plays 12:46. Whipping Post plays 22:40. The whole thing is like being there for the whole gig. Great listening.
The newest Beatles compilation, "Love"
Not sure if this is a "song" by your definition, but Morton Feldman's *Piano and String Quartet* is one movement and goes on for about 70 minutes or so.
Timbaland's CD, all the Pyschotrance albums, Ozric Tentacles, and my personal favorites: The Allman Brothers' "Whipping Post" and "Mountain Jam." I know of some others but can't quite think of their names right now.

when you burn a cdr make sure in the burning software that under preferences you check "disc at once" and/or make sure the 2 second gap between songs is unchecked. You will then have 80 min of uninterrupted music.
Steve Kimock Band
Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick. Except for the flip, it's one song that's 43:50.
Beethoven's 9th -- there used to be a rumor that the maximum capacity of CDs was picked so that all of Beethoven's 9th could fit on 1 CD. Also, many operas are several hours long -- ever fallen asleep during a Wagner performance, awoken a half-hour later and felt like you never left?
stars on 45
Supper's Ready by Genesis
Why don't you use an iPod or iTunes. You can make your own mix and play for hundreds of hour non stop.
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly. At about 17 minutes, one of the longest classic single rock songs.
Pink Floyd-

Atom Heart Mother from Atom Heart Mother- 23:44

Echoes from Meddle- 23:29

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) from Wish You Were Here- 13:31

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX) from WYWH- 12:28

Dogs from Animals- 17:06

I was driving over to Santa Monica for sushi tonight. About a 30 minute drive. Some college station fron Cal State Northridge was playing Grateful Dead live from Winterland in Nov. 1973. The tune lasted the entire drive.
Many good suggestions, one not hit yet is the Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique, it is one continuos groove, and like Pink Floyds Meddle, starts where it ends so it could play on forever.

Rush 2112 is pretty long as wel.
Mike Oldfield is famous for long running songs. My favorite is "Ommadawn" which runs for 36+ minutes. Tubular Bells runs 48 minutes.
Mike Oldfield "Amarok"
Blue Room-The Orb. This is the infamous 39:57 minute long song they put out in response to the 40:00 cap that was put on singles in the 90's. It's pretty great and it's never boring.
Enigma MCMXC. Is seems to be one long continuous tune. Recorded very well for being done in analog then put on to CD. Gotta be in the mood for it though.
Happy listening, John
Television: 10 minutes of bliss
Inagadadavida :)
Yep, the Steve Kimock band was a good choice! I've seen that band do 1 hour "songs" during a 3.5 hour show. I can't believe how long these guys can play, Kimock must have some VERY strong hands/fingers!

INAGADDADAVIDA by Iron Butterfly.
Dark Star from Grateful Dead's Live/Dead 1969... 23:15
La Monte Young and the Forever Bad Blues Band - "Stompin'"
Live at the Kitchen

One live track over an hour long that needs to be spread over two CD's. It's sort of ambient/atonal and really quite listenable. I believe it's out of print now; I bought it some years ago after reading a fascinating review in Rolling Stone (before it completely sucked).
A Mac laptop with 1,000+ iTunes through Apple Lossless, with Crossfade Playback set at 10-12 seconds. I can play music for 36 days.
Gates of Delirium (Yes... 22 min)
Alice's Resturaunt (Arlo Guthrie.. 18 min)
Thanks everyone, just as a clarification, when I said "the group of songs" I meant where one song leads to another, not where songs are stacked by a player and play with no break in between.

Right now I have been listing to QMS - Happy Trails, I like it!

Thanks everyone, this will keep me listening awhile!

If you like Indian flute music. Check out Hariprasad Chaurasia CD-Rag Bhimpalasi. There are only 2 songs on the disc and it plays for 76 minutes.
Let me get this right because it's still confusing the way you're describing your wants. Are you talking about about albums with no/minimal silence between songs?
Yes, some albums, play continuously without interuption between songs(lasting 15+ minutes), while the table of contents lists 3-6 song titles, other albums just have one song title and lasts 20+ minutes. its not neccessary the song length...

I like it when the music never stops :-)

the Playin' in the Band from 5-21-74 @ Edmundson Pavilion , University of Washington, Seattle, WA is a whopping 46:27 of Psilocybin soaked protogalactic sound..
'Mountain Jam' on "Eat A Peach" (?) by The Allman Brothers Band
For great instrumental, contemporary rock try "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place" by Explosions in the Sky.
Check out the music choice channels on cable. There are over 40 different music genres, and they play without interuption, going from one song to another. Day after day and year after year and they don't stop.
No one is reading your clarification Sc2.
Synthfreek: "no one" ???

How about "most are?"

Seems to me we get it.

And, please re-read the title to this thread.

Also most electronica albums by DJs mix them that way intentionally and these can be purchased in box sets used for a song. That way you can have max CD length playing continuously. Or purchase a music server and be done with it.
Any of Pink Floyd's albums since Dark Side of the Moon thru The Final Cut. Any of Roger Waters solo albums.
Alan Parsons Project - Tales of Mystery and Imagination.

I have the APP-Tales of Mystery and Imagination ( one of those $100.00 gold ones ;-), this is one of my favorites, due to the fact, that its like a story book. I expect, I will query this too in the future.

Thanks for the suggestions!

How about hitting the 'repeat all' button on yer 400cd disc multi player?
Utopia's "Singring & The Glass Guitar/Utopia Theme" medley runs longer than a half hour on one of their live albums (can't recall which off hand). The perfect pop songwriter (Todd Rundgren) shows off some virtuoso guitar in a full blown prog-rock opus. Certainly not for everyone, but for those who like this kind of thing, it doesn't get much better.