Long Video or Long Audio??

I'm setting up my home theater and am putting much of the equipment in an adjacent room, leaving mainly the TV and speakers in the viewing/listening room. I can accomodate a few pieces in the viewing room, if I choose to. If I do, this could shorten the video connections to the TV, but lengthen the audio cables to the amp. OR I could put the DSS receiver, DVD, etc in the other room and have short audio runs to the amp, but long video runs to the TV. Which is preferable? FYI - I will be running s-Video cables from the DSS to the TV and either S-Video or Component video cables from the DVD to the TV. I'm not sure on the audio cables yet.

what home theater processor are you going to use...does it have a remote control extender jack port? the main thing about components in another room is either you don't have enough room for them and your speakers or in my case large speakers that will cause vibration of the components and degrade the whole experience...i also went under floor with pvc too keep people from standing on my cables...the tv cables would be less affected in long lengths..my cables are all at least 25 ft and it sounds great..send me more specific info as to cable brand and model and your speaker and component models...i've been into this for awhile and have got my own system where i want it...one other thing i play lps and that just doesn't go with vibration and isolation can be a bitch and expensive..send me a drawing of your room set up if u want...take care dusty akers kona hawaii
Perhaps, the use of remote control devices wil decide for you.
Definitely choose the shorter audio cable runs. You will also save $$ on cabling.